The Reconstruction Era During The Civil War Essay

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The reconstruction era was a highly anticipated period for former African American slaves. After the north won the Civil War, questions remained as to how to unify the country, and what rights should be ascribed to former slaves. Yet, former slaves further questioned how this period would influence their newly acquired freedoms. Despite the anticipations of newly freed African American slaves, the reconstruction era failed to create conditions that would allow African Americans to achieve equal rights. The failures of the reconstruction era, and the decision to allow former African American slaves to remain in the south will be explored in order to determine how these decisions influenced the lives of African Americans. Prior to the onset of the Civil War, the United States was a divided nation. McPherson (1983) further concurs in acknowledging that many scholars during the antebellum period believed “that North and South had evolved separate societies with institutions, interests, values, and ideologies so incompatible, so much deadly conflict that they could no longer live together in the same nation” (22). Although the North won the Civil War, there was a continuous sense of tension in determining how to unify the country. Even though Southerners were forced to free their slaves, many believed this practice was unnecessary. The attitudes and perceptions Southerners upheld surrounding newly freed African American slaves were further exemplified in the way former slaves…

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