Essay on The Reasons Why United States Entered Vietnam

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Regarding Europe, the Portuguese were the first to attempt to take control of Vietnam, yet the French were the first who succeeded. The French wanted to establish Vietnam as a trading location, and the French also wanted to punish the Vietnamese, since the Catholics were persecuted. Vietnam was controlled by the Buddhist and they controlled Vietnamese society.
However, the prime reason why France entered Vietnam was because, Vietnam had not opened their nation’s economy to exterior forces, thus, Europeans weren’t able to get access to their resources. France’s main objective was to have ingress in all the Asian markets. Since and before French arrival, Vietnam has been invaded time and time again. An example, their struggles with the Chinese had been a continuous one. China would not be the sole Asian country to occupy and overrun them. With centuries and even millenniums of constant defense against foreign invaders,
Vietnam grew and adopted several beliefs that sustained strong in their society and helped the nation withstand any attacks. Within these beliefs, many national heroes arose when Vietnam needed its defense the most. Since the beginning, when China wanted to extend their land, power, empire and resources, they felt the need to have an entry to the south sea. The Chinese did not need much from Vietnam, however wanted it for future usage and to sustain their national security. The
Trung Sisters were known for the first Vietnam independence…

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