American Revolution Causes

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One of the most important periods in history is the American Revolution. This is a topic that is spoken of very often, especially in the American classroom. The causes of the American Revolution can be a number of things. The answer depends on the person being asked, the context and the point of view among other things. The revolution could be defined as being cause by pride on both sides. All the blame could be put on the British or all the blame could be put on the Americas. It is both of their faults, or really even either of theirs but in reality was simply inevitable. Again it is all about perspective. The underlying causes of the American Revolution were ideological, institutional and emotive and for the most part these causes go hand …show more content…
Politically Britain tried to rule of the Colonists as if they were property. The king and parliament had multiple instances where Acts were being passed specifically on the people within the Americas without even consulting them first. Acts like the Navigation Act and the Stamp Act among others. The colonists had a system in place that fueled their economy and that consisted primarily among the exports and imports. Parliament taxed these imports and exports outrageously which greatly affected their way of life. The stamp act was not acceptable to the people in the Americas. This put limitations on what they could receive at the ports and made the product way overpriced. They could not afford the changes. Parliament would not allow the colonists proper trials or trials with people that were on their side of the waters. Instead Britain controlled all the judges and such causing the colonist to continuously be found guilty when in reality they were not at fault. These acts also forced the military into the homes of the colonists without their permission. They were already treated unjustly by the British army, but now they had to have them in their homes and be pushed around on their own property. Parliament would put people into place as their representatives that they could control, not people who would properly represent the colonists. This was not proper political representation. All the …show more content…
The most important though is probably the emotive. Being dishonored and insulted was a big deal to the people of Britain. The colonists were still British in a way and was from the home country. That means that they are both aware of the consequences of dishonoring a man, especially in public. The pride on both sides was greatly wounded. Britain refused to realize that they colonist were on a different level and needed proper representation. Britain did not consult with the Americas prior to the passing of any acts ad that is insulting their rights as citizens. The Americas did not sit back and fall in line with every command that Britain gave them and that insulted the people in power. It’s easier to bypass things that happen that can be changed, but it’s not easy to get past emotional barriers. To be the bigger person and admit when they are at fault, but instead to fight tooth and nail for what they think is

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