The Real Purposes Of Education Essay

1554 Words May 12th, 2016 7 Pages
To begin with, the paper examines the question of the real purposes of education, on what it should be directed, what qualities should it raise in the students, and how it can be reached. Two approaches to education are compared and contrasted in the paper. On the one hand, the advantages of the associational approach are highlighted. That is to say that they are mentioned to be useful for learning basic information about the world which is vital for the process of socialization in which a person learns basic rules of functioning and being in the society. On the other hand, it is mentioned that such an approach is useless without the prevalence of the creative pedagogy.The value of such pedagogy is determined by the demands of the very modern life in which the ability to think independently and make free choices is of the core importance for interesting and fulfilling existence. Furthermore, the need for the creativity is presented to be the inevitable part of the human nature, because it helps to find and define the sense of individual life as there is no absolute sense. The matter is that the person in this paradigm is seen to be placed in the world with a great burden of choice. The main question is whether he or she learn how to make this choice on their own or whether somebody else will make this choice for them instead. The paper stresses that the nurturing of creativity is sure to enable the first scenario. Last but not least, the importance of the human relations of…

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