The Reading Process And How I Plan Essay

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Thank you for that question! I would be glad to explain to all of you the reading process and how I plan to use it my classroom to teach your children. I would quickly like to say that I can’t wait to begin working with your children during my first year hear at HighnMighty School.
To begin with, the reading process is the framework that children follow in order to obtain meaning about and from what they are reading so that they can comprehend it. Comprehension is the ultimate goal of reading. The process includes five stages which are: prereading, reading, responding, exploring, and applying. Prereading includes the activities that readers complete in order to prepare for reading. Before students begin, and before they even open the book, they are prepared by activating their background knowledge. In order to activate background knowledge in my classroom we will read the title of the book, learn about who the author is, what genre the book is, and I will encourage students to take guesses about what they think the book will be about by looking at the picture(s) on the front cover. We will do this each time we read in a group setting. Something fun that I also plan to do in order to activate student’s background knowledge is that I will play a video clip that pertains to the book or is central for the unit/topic we are discussing in class. Since reading is essential for success in all subjects, when we do our science unit about the ocean and we read books about ocean life…

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