The Raven, By Edgar Allan Poe Essay

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In Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven the narrator is home alone reading books in sorrow because he 's grieving for a lost woman, someone named Lenore. Could this woman be his wife or girlfriend? The narrator never tells us exactly who Lenore was to him. Perhaps she is among the angels and has left him behind, alone. In Line 10 he hopes that his pain will soon come to an end by what he calls “surcease from sorrow”. During his reading he eventually falls asleep only to be awaken by a tapping at his door. The narrator gets frightened by this random tapping and he tries to convince himself that it’s just a visitor. The more he says it doesn’t change the fact that there is a random tapping on his door in the middle on the night. Eventually, he gets a hold of himself in line 19 by saying "presently my soul grew stronger" He calls out to the “visitor” that he thinks is at the door, and apologizes for taking so long. In lines 20-23 he explains that he was almost asleep and wasn 't sure if he was just hearing things. Then, suddenly, the narrator opens the door and surprisingly he finds nothing but darkness in the night. Edgar Allan Poe takes his readers to a suspense as if we were in a horror movie. The narrator could close the door and go back to his book or his nap like a normal person, but he 's fixated on something else. In line 26 he states that his mind is feeling with crazy thoughts and terrible dreams. The narrator is obsessed with one idea, or, we could say with one…

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