The Raven And Poe 's Self Criticism Essay

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Construct of “The Raven” and Poe’s Self Criticism: Observation on his style. One of the most well-known writers of short stories and detective novels focused on romanticism was Edgar Allan Poe. He was one of the first Americans to make an impact in the literary world and his work is famous for being dark and depressing. It is through his poetry and stories that we gaze into the impossible and into ourselves, his work allows for psychological analysis and development not possible otherwise. One of his most prominent works (if not the most famous) is his poem “The Raven” notorious for its dark and daunting tone. This poem created from Poe’s sorrow deals with death, beauty and tragedy or as Poe himself regarded it “The death of a beautiful woman”. His poem, that constantly reverts from past, present and future is intricate both in development and in its creation. Poe himself explained this process in “The Philosophy of Composition” and delves into his inspiration and creative process. The artwork of his poem is revealed, but how accurate is this criticism of his? Is it possible to develop any further? In order to answer these questions, we must retrace the most prominent aspects of his poem. The first component of “The Raven” and one of its largest pieces is its tone and theme. The theme is beauty and his tone melancholic, to tie it together he uses one of the most grueling thoughts of the human mind: death, specifically the death of a beautiful woman. This woman is called…

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