Essay on The Ransom Of Mercy Carter

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The Ransom of Mercy Carter takes place in 1704 and is based off of the historical settlement of Deerfield, Massachusetts. The story follows 11-year old Mercy Carter from the moment she is kidnapped by the Mohawk Indians through her journey to her captor’s Kahnawake Indian Village in Canada. In her time with the Mohawk tribe, she is adopted into one of their families and given a name to resemble her new life as an Indian. Her transformation from an English girl to a Mohawk Indian is the essence of the story. This novel stands as a captivity narrative in a modern publication. The book was released to Random House Publishing company in 2001. Although it offers the generic conventions of a traditional captivity narrative, its modern sense is significant to its place in the genre. The view of assimilation in a captivity narrative is dictated by the cultural values of a society during its publication. Caroline B. Cooney’s novel presents the generic characteristics of a traditional captivity narrative from a modern lens as it evaluates the role of assimilation through the motives of Mercy Carter, comparisons to other narratives, and ultimately, Mercy Carter’s final decision at the end of the novel. The captivity narrative has always presented two types of groups; the captives, usually white settlers, and the captors or the others, usually the savage Indian tribes who kill, destroy, and force the captives into their culture. In Mercy Carter, these two groups are…

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