Essay on The Rain Came Down By Patricia Polacco

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There are a variety of different children books that are great about talking about culture and there are also children books that don’t do the greatest job with teaching children about culture. The two books that I will be examining are Mrs. Katz and Tush and The Rain Came Down. The first book, Mrs. Katz and Tush is written by Patricia Polacco that was published in 1994. This book is a great example of multicultural because it shows true meaning of friendship and how similar and different each culture is. It shows examples of love for race, religion, ethnicity, gender and age throughout the whole book. The two main characters in this book are Mrs. Katz, who is an older widowed lady who becomes good friends with her neighbor Larnel. Larnel is the other main character who is a young African American boy who is trying to make Mrs. Katz feel loved with giving her a kitten. The second book, The Rain Came Down is written by David Shannon that was published in 2000. This children’s book isn’t the great example of multicultural because it has many problems in terms with language and imagery. The storyline for this book is that it has a chain of events. When it rains, there is a chain of negative events starting to happen, one after another. When the rain stops, nothing but positive things happen. The sun is shining and the people are happy. This book didn’t really have any main characters, just a variety of them that were mainly white people. One stereotype I noticed to…

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