Essay on The Radical And The Republican

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In the book, The Radical and the Republican: Fredrick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, and the triumph of Antislavery Politics, written by James Oakes connected the politics and the point of views of both Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass towards the issue of slavery and the emancipation of slaves. Oakes interpretations of both men were very detailed in showing their reason and politics behind their positions they served in society on the topic of slavery. Abraham Lincoln, the republican, and Fredrick Douglass, the radical, two incredibly distinct people, yet both shared similar views towards their hatred on the institution of slavery and their highest hopes for freedom. How can a relationship so different, yet a like lead to the road to emancipation of the slaves? Both men had different reasons for their detestation toward slavery, yet both worked to bring the emancipation and fix to the prejudice regarding the slaves. Fredrick Douglass worked by being a famous orator preaching against slavery and eventually joining the Republican Party where he worked with Lincoln and the party to promote and work toward the end of slavery. By 1858 Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass were ]preaching the same antislavery politics. Liberty or Slavery must become law of the land” Beyond Garrisonian newspapers, he began to embrace abolitionist politics and the idea that the Constitution supported slave freedom. “Lincoln saw the Constitution as neither a clarion call to abolition on a…

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