Essay about The Question of Happines

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1. Write a summary of text 1 “The Question of Happines”.
The text describes happiness as a fulfilment of a person who is unhappy. The text is about a person who was sixteen year old when he won the Israeli national squash championship. At that time, he felt that winning the championship is necessary for fulfilment and fulfilment was necessary for happiness. When he was going to sleep, he especially felt the happiness. Later he began to lose his happiness since all worked perfectly. He would not become happy if he wins the next championship. Therefore, he began to seek answers of how to find happiness. He wanted a life where he could be both successful and happy. He read topics from Aristotle to Confucius. In the end, he did not know
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A person does not think about a car or about some few more days at the office when he is dying but about friends and family.

Technology and Happiness
I think that this text wants to point out that technology is not making a person happy. For instance, an American was happier in 1946 than today despite the new technology that should make them happier. People is richer today but are not as happy as they was some decades ago. Jet travels and long-distance phone call were luxuries before while most people can buy it today.

3. Comment on the following statement from text 2: “In fact, the more attention you lavish on yourself, the more unhappy you become.”
A person should forget about his self-importance and lavish more attention on other people. A person should help other people more than a person should help himself. This is important for a person who really wants happiness in his life. Some people say that if you help a person then he is going to help you even more if he gets the chance. The people you helped will maybe try to help you even more than they would otherwise.

4. Write an article for your school website in which you discuss whether or not technology leads to more happiness.
Technology leads both to more happiness and to less happiness. The world is smaller today than it was some decades ago because of the technology. Therefore, it is easier today for people to communicate from country to country and from

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