The Quest for Vengeance Essay

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The Count of Monte Cristo is set just before the Hundred Days War and during the reign of King Louis. Dumas’ found inspiration for the novel from his acquaintance with Jerome Bonaparte’s son, whom Dumas’ took on educational trips, during one of those trips he saw the deserted island of Monte Cristo, and quickly resolved to write a novel about it. A huge inspiration for Dumas’ was the true story of Pierre Picaud, who lived in Paris in 1807. He was engaged to a woman, was soon to be married, when four of his jealous friends made false accusations against him as being a spy for England. He was imprisoned for seven years and befriended, who left him a great treasure in Milan.
In 1814, upon Picaud’s release, he spent ten years plotting
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Danglars, Ferdnand, and Villefort represent the three means by which a person of “humble origin” entered the elite Parisian society. The first is financially, which is represented by Danglars, whom had made his money by speculating on stocks. Monte Cristo runs the man who was jealous of his promotion into bankruptcy. Morcerf represents military and political advancement, and Villefort’s advancement is by judicial means. Morcerf is publicly humiliated who had been jealous of Dante’s fiancé so much, that he committed suicide.
The concept of “an eye for an eye” played out in the Count's revenge toward Caderousse (Danglars). When the Count escaped from jail he remembered what a love for money Caderousse had. Therefore he brought Caderousse a diamond. When an appraiser came to Caderousse's house, he paid for the diamond and then stayed for the night. In middle of the night Caderousse killed the appraiser and took both the diamond and the money paid for it. He was caught and sentenced to hard labor in prison. The Count chose this form of revenge because he knew that Caderousse could not resist the temptation of extra money. The Count punished him in this fashion because Caderousse took away all the money that Dantes left for his father. This loss of money caused Dantès' father to starve to death. The Count understood Caderousse's greed and punished him through it. ("World Literature")
The Count took revenge on Fernand Mondego by causing his

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