The Quest For Justice In The First 48

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(INSERT TOPIC SENTENCE). In the Criminal Justice System, Miranda rights are one of the most important elements when making an arrest. When a law enforcement officer makes an arrest and decides to question the suspect, they must read the Miranda rights out loud. If the individual starts talking and incriminating itself before the police officers informs them about the Miranda rights, the information provided from the suspect will be inadmissible in court. According to Cole, Smith, and DeJong (2016), the Miranda rights are as follows:
Suspect must be told that (1) they have the right to remain silent; (2) if they decide to make a statement, it can and will be used against them in court; (3) they have the right to an attorney present during
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One english concept from the episode of The First 48 was the use of “pathos”, which is the art of persuasion by use of emotion. The specific pathos that was used in this episode is intended to make the viewer feel sorrow and sympathy. The producer of this episode chose to emphasize the sadness of the loss of the lives of Yayehyirad Lemma and Yenenesh Desta to engage the viewer and force the viewer to mourn the loss of the lives along with the family and friends. The episode showed the victim 's friends, family and neighbors crying, and even mentions for a lengthy amount of time the murdered couple’s baby who no longer has parents. (INSERT PARAPHRASE WITH CITATION). This display was intentional, and was meant to compel the viewer to mourn the death of this couple with the loved ones. In english, pathos can be a major part of persuasive writing. Pathos can be used in many diFferent situations to make the viewer or reader feel many different things. The use of pathos can completely alter the way a consumer views a product. This often times can be scene in persuasive writing papers, when the writer causes the reader to feel a strong emotion in order to get his/her point across. The use of pathos can make …show more content…
Just as criminal justice and english concepts frequently relate to “real world” scenarios, criminal justice and english relate to each other in many ways as well. One significant way they relate to each other is with the idea of claims and evidence. In english, if someone makes a claim such as, “the girl is pretty”, the author must then backup that claim with evidence, possibly by describing exactly what makes the girl “pretty”. In criminal justice however, a claim may be “Michael killed Sally”. Just like in english, this claim will then need to have sufficient evidence to prove it to be true. This evidence could be physical/forensic (hair, fingerprints etc.), direct (testimony) or circumstantial, but is required to prove someone guilty of committing a crime. The episode of The First 48 uses claims and evidence as well. One claim that the episode makes is that Jeffrey Antal and Robert Franks do not get along. A neighbor and friend of Jeffrey used a simile in the way he described the relationship between Jeffrey and Robert, saying that they were “like two sticks of dynamite” (INSERT TIMESTAMP AND CITATION). The use of this simile to describe the relationship between these men gives the viewer a better grasp on how violent these men may be. The evidence to undeniably prove that these two men did not get along comes from the fact that Robert killed Jeff

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