The Pursuit Of Equality By George Orwell Essay examples

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In the Pursuit of Equality
From the American Civil War in the 1860s to the present-day Chinese protests for marriage equality, it is clear that equality has been an age-long struggle all around the world. Nevertheless, no matter what the time period or location, one can always acknowledge that the state of being equal only occurs when all parts are even and uniform in degree, quantity, value, and ability. In George Orwell’s Animal Farm, Orwell challenges the understanding of equality by presenting readers with a deceptive statement. Although Napoleon’s conversion to the commandment fooled the other animals, in reality, it is fallacious. There is no truth or logic to the idea that one aspect can be equivalent and simultaneously greater than another aspect. Animal Farm exposes the inaccuracy in this thought by illustrating how equality is entirely composed of balance and proportion. Therefore, once the balance is changed, even the slightest bit, the result is no longer equality. This concept is also apparent outside of historical fiction. In present day, the United States is currently struggling in cases of affirmative action and how equality can be created or balanced without disrupting the previous rights of other individuals.
To propose and invalidate this false conjecture about equality, Orwell efficiently uses the sequencing techniques of chronology, cause and effect. In the beginning, the idea and execution of a farm ran and operated by animals was exemplary. Orwell…

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