The Purpose Of Government And The Property Rights Essay

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The Purpose of Government and if It Fails Machiavelli thinks that the most important feature of the government is to provide prosperity and stability, while Locke thinks it is the preservation of the property and the property rights, which go beyond the protection of the physical properties. Both men start from the same assumption that the government is able to provide its people with a possibility of coexistence and mutual respect for the future. Both men agree that, although coming from different angle, a government has a purpose, and if it fails to uphold the purpose, the subjects or the people can reconstitute the government.
Machiavelli theorizes that the people in the state of nature (he thinks it as an individualistic setting "like animals" would), as the population grew, came together in order to protect themselves more efficiently, and prosper as a result of the protection. As a result, the people chose a leader who was "stronger and braver than the rest" to lead the congregation (Machiavelli, 89). The group would, at the end, feel the need to constitute the concept of law. With the emergence of what is ought to be not done to prolong the union 's peace, the group invented the standards of justice.
Because there is a common agreement among the desirable code of conduct, and therefore a constitution, the newly elected leaders no longer have to be the one that has the most might; he or she just needs the legitimate qualities as a leader (Machiavelli, 89).…

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