The Psychosocial Stages Of Development Essay

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Growing up is never easy, personal experience has brought me to the conclusion that it is a difficult experience for everyone. While the growing process is inevitable, people strive for understanding. Sparking up interest of psychology in people such as Sigmund Freud who established the stages of psychosexual stages of development believed that a crisis occurs at every stage of the developmental process and Erik Erikson who established the psychosocial stages of development and like Freud, Erikson assumes that a crisis will occur at each stage of development. For Erikson, these crises are of a psychosocial nature because they involve psychological needs of the individual (psycho) conflicting with the needs of society ( social). Although both psychologists studied the developmental process both expressed different theories on these stages that take place within a life cycle.
When I was younger (from birth to about twelve) I lived with my grandmother in this peaceful little township in Pennsylvania, called Peckville. My grandmother was a very religious woman much like the majority of people living in that town. I also lived with my four younger sisters all whom I was happy to invite into this world because at that time I was still struggling to find myself and I was very lonely as a result. We were an extremely poor household and did without basic necessities often, however, we all did our part as we got older to limit this burden on our family. Due to the absence of…

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