The Psychology Of Public Support For Punishing Rule Breakers Analysis

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I will be examining Tom Tyler and Robert Boeckmann’s article “Three Strikes and You Are Out, but Why? The Psychology of Public Support for Punishing Rule Breakers”, in which Tyler and Boeckmann use a questionnaire to interview their respondents. In their research they are examining the social meaning of rule breaking behavior. The reviewed questions are; “Why do people want to punish rule breakers? Is it creating tangible personal risk and is it dangerous? Are there signs of declining social cohesion a “symbolic” societal level harm?” (225). Through their research the authors findings are that, the sources of support for the punishment of rule-breaking behavior are within the nature of public support for punishing those who break social rules. …show more content…
Demonstrated in the Instrumental model, “Concerns about rule breaking to judgements about crime and dangerousness. It suggests that people support punishing rule breakers because they are afraid that they, their families, or others in their community will become the victims of rule breakers” (224). Individuals want their communities to be a reflection of who they are, answering why individuals punish rule breakers, because they do not want them in their neighborhoods. However, Nielsen’s respondents third rationale to oppose speech regulation is the “Impracticality” paradigm, one respondent stated, “I don’t know how you would do that [enforce laws prohibiting offensive public speech]. Because you can’t have a policeman on every corner—I think you should be arrested for that. But, like I say, that’s impossible. Because we can’t have a policeman everywhere in the city.” (51-year old white woman) (237-238) This respondent lacks legal consciousness and believe that offensive public speech is a social norm. Individuals have to understood that the nature of public support is the key factor to punishing those who break social rules. The racial offensive speech and sexual harassing comments are come to halt if individuals had the understanding of the law. In Tyler and Boeckmann article, they bring up the social norm that people are afraid of and that’s why they want to punish rule breakers. The fear of creating a social norm of bad behavior is what influences people to punish rule breakers. “The manner in which people think about the communities to which they belong is strongly affected by the way people think about the groups making up those

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