Essay The Psychological And Biological Research

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1. Please explain how both psychological and biological research tries to explain connections between:
a) aggression and gender
- The link between gender and aggression could involve the cultures of violence, social influences and peer groups. Boys and girls are about to act out in physical aggression, erbal intimidation aggression, and manipulate people which is a form of aggression. Aggression can be seen as a form of power and control that doesn’t really make a big amount of difference between man or women. When it comes to aggression gender really doesn’t play that much of an important role because both man and women can show signs of aggression.
b) aggression and personality
- There are connections between personality and aggressive behavior such as emotional susceptibility, narcissism, and impulsivity. According to Richard Howard he stated that: First, confusion exists over how personality should best be conceptualised and assessed, confusion that is exacerbated by the high degree of comorbidity that exists between different personality; Second, confusion exists over how best to classify violence, given its heterogeneity; Third, any attempt to infer a causal relationship between personality and violence is fraught with difficulties. Violence is linked to a range of mental disorders in addition to personality.
c) aggression and biology
- An environment with a high presence of aggressive behavior can creates high levels of stress. According to Christy Cox that stated:…

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