The Pros And Cons Of Schizophrenia

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“No one would ever say that someone with a broken arm or a broken leg is less than a whole person, but people say that or imply that all the time about people with mental illness.” ~Elyn Saks
People in our society think that schizophrenia just means crazy but, it is actually a form of a mental disorder. According to Webster’s dictionary, schizophrenia is “a very serious mental illness in which, someone cannot think or behave normally and often experiences delusions.” Schizophrenia makes it difficult for people to get through daily activities such as going to school, dealing with crowds and working. Living a normal life with schizophrenia can be a challenge but through counseling, medicine and treatments, people with schizophrenia can function normally and live full and successful lives.
What is Schizophrenia?
Some often think that schizophrenia is split personality but, really the word schizophrenia really means “fragmented mind.” People who have schizophrenia don’t have multiple personalities, they actually only have one personality with a mind that is shattered. Their thoughts feeling and behaviors break apart (Snyder et al. 2007). Schizophrenia can also make it difficult to distinguish what is real and what is imaginary. This disorder makes it so that they hear voices and see things that are not really there. It also makes it so that people with schizophrenia talk about unusual ideas, which can make it difficult for them to carry on a
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This is when the patient is no longer showing prominent symptoms of schizophrenia. The hallucinations and the delusions may still be there but they are lessened greatly compared to the other subtypes (Bengston, 2006). Some negative symptoms are falt affect, psychomotor slowing which means that they have a difficult time thinking and staying active. Some more are poor communication, poor hygiene, delusions and hallucinations (“Residual Schizophrenia: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment,”

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