Disadvantages Of Offshoring

Offshoring is the relocation of business or a part of a business to another country. For example, some countries offshore their manufacturing process to a country that can offer lower wage prices. Offshoring is considered a disadvantage to United States because Americans lose their jobs to poorer countries. Another disadvantage is the fact that the United States can not observe the quality of the products when the process moves offshore. Offshoring can be viewed as an advantage to other countries because people can get a job easily. U.S companies that move factories to undeveloped nations barely pay employees enough to live on. It is unethical for employers to pay cheap wages to employees.

Offshoring began in 1979, when statistics showed
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Therefore, due to the low wages, workers have to work more hours. Employers see this as an advantage because more production is completed. What is important to businesses is profit and running a business cheaply as possible. To save money is the most important factor of why businesses offshore to other countries. It’s inhumane that workers are paid low wages and must work more hours to get enough barely money to provide for themselves. If a company wanted to move offshore, the workers should at least be paid the same as they would be paid in United States. Workers do not receive healthcare benefits and such. The impact it has on United States is job loss. Many people have lost their jobs because businesses offshoring. This had lead to an impact of many people struggling to find other jobs. Offshoring is also a disadvantage to Americans because many people have lost their homes and been unable to provide for their families. Unemployment rate in United States has increased accordingly as businesses move to other countries. In other countries, workers have the advantage to easily get a job but the disadvantage is that they do not get paid enough and receive benefits. The offshoring of professional jobs by US companies is done to save money, but it has raised concerns. As the US struggles to recover from recession, the rate of job …show more content…
Many people in other countries are living in poverty and must work to provide for themselves. In Vietnam, the average worker is paid $0.20 a hour or $1.60 a day. The pay is unethical, especially since they need at least $2.10 a day to eat. Not to mention, employees work sixty-five hours a week. Even though it is a violation of Vietnamese Labor laws, it is not enforced. In United States, the average worker is either paid the minimum wage or beyond. Therefore, they are able to support themselves; to buy food, pay bills, etc. On the other hand, an employee living in Vietnam do not earn enough to even buy food. Instead, they are forced to work overtime to just make over $2 by a week. Offshoring of U.S businesses may seem an advantage to them because they can easily get a job, but the working conditions are inhumane. The conditions are inhumane because they work for cheap wages, work over 65 hours a week, do not receive health benefits or insurance, neglected by supervisors, and the work environment is unsafe. If a company preferred to relocate to other countries, the employees should at least to earn more or at least be provided health benefits. To pay employees cheaply is unethical, because they are unable to provide for themselves. The fact that these people can’t barely afford food, is why offshoring is not proven to be a benefit to other countries. Offshoring is not a benefit to United States because many people lost their

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