The Pros And Cons Of Foreclosure

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Foreclosure is certainly a scar that these former homeowners will carry with them and will affect their future decisions. In many cases, confidence is lost in the wake of losing a property through foreclosure. With some encouragement and education these “boomerang buyers” will gather the tools they need to be more cautious in their future real estate purchases. These safer options include the rarely discussed “100% down” plan, the “rent-to-own” option, or at a minimum the “large down payment” advantage.
First, the “100% down” plan is the safest of all options because no property can be taken if it is owned free and clear. Many of the foreclosures that occurred were due to purchasing too much house for their ability to pay. Others took
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He is able to make payments on the property for a couple years and when his score has recovered he can get a traditional mortgage and still have his rent payments count toward the balance of the purchase price. This produces a win-win for both the owner and buyer because the buyer was getting income from the property during the period of time before the final sale.
The ‘large down payment” advantage can be achieved by taking time to save, save, save! We all need to do this, but “boomerang buyers” especially can show credibility by putting at least 20% down and at the same time eliminating the need for private mortgage insurance. Eliminating as many expenses related to a mortgage will add to the potential for success.Keeping the payment to 30% or less of the buyer’s overall income by making a large down payment will allow a nicer property to be purchased while keeping it affordable.
“Saving Sally” demonstrates this by saving $40,000, keeping $10,000 as an emergency fund to safeguard against future bad experiences and putting the other $30,000 down on a modest home totaling no more than $100,000 including closing costs. Once this mortgage is paid off, the freedom to move up in house is very feasible and keeps the possibility of recurrent foreclosure from

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