Rehabilitation In Jail

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There is a social stigma attached to drug addicts, they are seen as violent criminals with no morals to be heard or seen from. These generalizations are then relayed into communities from the law enforcement, with their solution being to throw them in jail. This does not help drug addicts, it only inhibits them from becoming sober and successful in life, as they now have countless number of felonies on their record. If a drug addict broke the law to fuel their addiction, then it is grounds for punishment and jail time; but, to purely put them in jail because they 're found with drugs in their system is not a fix to the solution. A study done by the journal Crime & Delinquency found, that if as little as 10% of drug addicts went to treatment …show more content…
There are two kinds of rehabilitation facilities, inpatient and outpatient care. At an inpatient rehabilitation facility it is mandatory that the patient lives on site, in a house the facility provides. They create a rigid schedule for the patients day to day, that they must obey or they have to leave. Treatment facilities are voluntary commitment to those 18 and over, unless the individual has been court ordered to attend. Inpatient care is the most intense and safe option; although, it carries a financial burden for the family or state who pays for it. The cost for inpatient care ranges from $180,000 per month for a luxurious center, to the average of $20,000 per month. Outpatient care is the much cheaper and relaxed option, as they only meet three to five days a week, ranging from four to six hours every session. The success rate of each version of rehabilitation facilities depends on whether the addict wants to become clean, if they do it will be a phenomenal success; however, they cannot be forced to become sober until they are ready, and some are never ready. Both rehabilitation centers provide a safe environment for the families of those effected, which include counseling and education about the addiction. Rehabilitation facilities are creating a positive atmosphere for the addict, while working to create contributing citizens for a lifetime. For drug addicts who are …show more content…
Society as a whole has to commit to fighting this disease. This will require additional funding for rehabilitation facilities and methadone clinics, because the average heroin addict does not have the finances to accommodate their own recovery. The general public needs to be educated, not only about heroin itself, but about the ramifications that come with the addiction in order to humanize the addicts. This is obligatory to create the environment necessary to attain funding for this battle against the heroin

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