The Pros And Cons Of Charles Darwin's Theory Of Evolution

When Charles Darwin exposed his theory of evolution for the first time, criticism soon aroused. The period 's mindset highly motivated the struggles for acceptance of Darwin 's theory. In other words, by the 1800s, the notion of an old Earth filled with evolving species dating back from billions of years contradicted religious beliefs and was far beyond everything concluded by other scholars. Although his book soon attracted the attention and support of many scientists to his new “Darwinistic” set of beliefs, others did not sympathize with it. So Darwin had to face two biggest limitations: controversy probably generated as a result of religious concerns and on the other hand, the skepticism from fellow scholars. It was not until some years later that the general audience started to get used to his revolutionary thinking.
What made Darwin stand up among all other previous theories of evolution was not the fact that he exposed the theories that species evolved through a long time in response to natural factors. Like Darwin, other scientists like Hutton and Lamarck entailed this idea in previous years. Nonetheless, what made him stand out was that he attributed
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These assumptions were against religious principles and learning Darwin’s theory would require a long acceptance process from the public. On the other hand, what truly shocked the scientific community was the whole process of evolution entailed by “Darwinism”. They did agree with Darwin’s assumption that species evolved, but they refused to attribute the whole evolutionary process to natural and sexual selection alone. They might have thought there were still some weak points in his theory that made it incomplete, and that natural selection as it was, would not account for the animal diversity discovered in fossils

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