The Pros And Cons Of Brexit

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On Thursday, June 23rd the people of Britain went to the polls and made a decision that will reshape history for the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. The referendum vote to leave the European Union, commonly referred to as Brexit, is not one many people predicted would pass. However, a combination of factors––economic, social, and political––building up enough tension and anxiety in the British people, lead a very split electorate to the polls where the referendum vote was their outlet to express their dissatisfaction with the status-quo. Although Britain went to the polls a divided nation, bringing out individuals each with distinct reasons for wanting their country to leave the European Union, it is clear the country must coalesce …show more content…
Britain must now come up with a separation agreement with the European union. Will they have a ‘soft-Brexit’ or a ‘hard-Brexit.’ Some of the strongest proponents for Britain’s leaving are saying that Britain needs to just jump ship immediately and weather this storm. Others favor a ‘soft-Brexit,’ in Think it would be foolish for the country to cut ties with Europe altogether. Recently, it has come into question whether the referendum vote is binding or if parliament gets the ultimate say in the vote. All this needs to be sorted out before the Prime Minister and ask Article 50 makes Brexit final. Many believe “the European Union has changed enormously over the last few decades with regard to the size in the reach of its bureaucracy, diminishing British influence and sovereignty” (Erlanger). Now that Britain supposedly has that power back, what its government decides to do with that power in terms of trade in foreign relations with countries in the European Union and beyond is important for Britain’s

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