The Pros And Cons Of Affirmative Action

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Register to read the introduction… Many of us grew up in neighborhoods where we had limited access to interact with people different from our own families (Tatum, Beverly, 1999). Things are somewhat different now. With the economy rapidly changing, Blacks have had a hard time and many White people have had hard times as well. And today, many Minorities are as well off as most white people today. When the Civil Rights Law passed, minorities, especially African-Americans, believed that they should receive retribution for the years of discrimination they endured. The government responded by passing laws to aide them in attaining better employment as reprieve for the previous two hundred years of suffering their race endured at the hands of the white man (Plous, 2009). To many, this made sense. Supporters of affirmative action asked, "why not let the government help them get better jobs?" After all, the white man was responsible for their suffering. While this may all be true, there is another question to be asked. Are they all truly responsible for the years of persecution that the African Americans were submitted to? Probably not. Does the person working in the cube next to me resent me knowing consciously that we are working side by side because of affirmative action and not because we both qualify to be employed there? Probably so. This type of work environment is not strengthening diversity, it tears it …show more content…
They assume that minority groups want help. This, however, may not always be the case. They fought to attain equality, not special treatment. To some of them, the acceptance of special treatment is an admittance of inferiority. Some would include me. I believe I can become successful on my own. I don’t need laws to help me get a great job. I along with many others who are against affirmative action want to be treated as equals, not as incompetent. Although discrimination is not placed in a well-distant past, affirmative action is an unneeded and drastic remedy for today’s world (Farron, Steven,

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