Essay on The Promotion Of Democracy And Foreign Countries

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The United States is one of one hundred and twenty-three democratic countries in the world, and it is also an immense active democratic promoter. According to the Council on Foreign Relations, “ of the few truly robust findings in international relations is that established democracies never go to war with one another” (Lagon 1). The promotion of democracy to foreign countries will create less conflict and develop positive relationships with countries where conflict currently exists. Any activity improving the entire body of a population is desired by the majority of the society; the promotion of democracy to other countries can help the moral body and can provide civil rights to the world population; therefore, it should be actively promoted.
The early philosophy of social contract and the idea of pluralism are two main concepts that encourage positive engagement. Social contract is the view that a person’s moral and political obligations are dependent upon an agreement of the society as a whole that will benefit that society. Pluralism is a diverse acceptance that multiple points of view and conflicts in relations will always exist, and the presence of them is accepted by both sides. Conflicts of values are an irremovable part of human life, and the idea of total human fulfilment is simply impractical. A life in which these conflicts do not exist is a world not known or understood by individuals of the world society.
In order to maintain positive relationships…

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