The Progressive Era Of New York City Essay

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When I began studying the Progressive era, I was unaware of what this era was really all about. Although my recollection was entertained by the growth in immigration at Ellis Island in New York City and also at Angel Island in San Francisco, California. I recalled the stories of factory workers who lost their lives or were working under horrendous conditions and I recall the employment of child laborers. I now know the Progressive era was much more than I ever knew existed and is defined as a period of great economic expansion between 1900-1920 's more people lived in the cities and towns rather than in rural areas. The growth of industry and the consumer marketplace brought about an influx of jobs and great growth into the major cities and the changes needed in the exploitation of workers such as child labor laws. The ever-changing way of life for American families were forever changed by the array of goods and political movements and groups that began to organize, such as the International Ladies Garment Workers Union (ILGWU) and the Women 's Trade Union League (p.682). Immigration peaked as the Industrial expansion occurred. An era of social, economic and political freedom and its challenges were in full force.

The American way of life or standard of living was being questioned. Americans began to feel that they were not free. Many citizens began to see cities as a cultivating hot spot of corporate greed, as many Americans were still living in poverty in the urban…

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