The Profit By George Orwell Essay

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The Profit
Was George Orwell The Profit? Writing the novel 1984 in 1949 he predicted dozens of events that has entered the modern society. Could this man know this was happening or did he guess almost all of these conditions? The things Orwell has stated in his book, 1984, are still relevant today, but there are things that are still unanswered that could still happen in the future. Certain books still remain relevant today because it often describes problems still happening today, sends a warning to people, and people of all ages can learn from these books. “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength” (Orwell 4). Living in America this is the most relevant quote that still applies today. In 1984 the country, Oceania, is always in war. This is where the government gets the quote, “War is Peace”. This statement today has unusually so much to do with the world. Somewhere, some country is at war and people are dying. “In the United States history, they have been at war for 222 of the 239 years” (Danios). Even with this fact, people still feel there is peace and no issues in the United States. Just as in the book people are blind and do not see the problems happening around them. The majority of the population will go their whole lives living in a place where there has always been war, so having it happen is normal. In the motto they quote, “Freedom is Slavery”. Meaning that people feel they have freedom under someone 's power more so than when they have complete…

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