The Production Of Ben Hamper 's Industrial Life Essay

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The American workforce has changed drastically since the 1970s and between the ends of the 20th century. It seems like more of a transitional stage from a more industrial economy to a service based and consumer economy siphoning all of what used to be our strong industrial economy to other countries because products are made cheaper than they are in United States production. Places such as China, Southeast Asia, and South America are all responsible for this change over time in the American workforce. The workforce is also changing in demographics as well and is responsible for high unemployment. The American workforce also isn’t as technologically understanding so some jobs remain unfilled due to this problem. In this essay, I will be using the products of Ben Hamper’s industrial life in Rivethead, Barbara Ehrenreich’s accounts in Nickel and Dimed of minimum wage jobs, and Elizabeth Warren and her daughter Amelia Warren Tyagi description of the Two Income Trap in households and the problems with that all to understand how the workforce in America has evolved in such a short amount of time.To begin with, Ben Hamper’s Rivethead was an insightful book filled with the properties and lifestyle of an Industrial worker and how it is was a generational job in the towns that these factories and plants were located. Ben Hamper was one of these people who were located in Flint, Michigan where the GM plant was located. He assembled cars and trucks for General Motors and has a long…

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