The Process Of Raising A Child Essay

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My experience with the process of raising a child continues to be more reward each and every year that goes by. Observing how Enoch grows into a productive and responsible member of the society who is cognizant of the societal values and maintains them is admittedly gratifying. Although this is simply a simulated experience, I am convinced that, presented with similar conditions, I would make a decent father in both discipline and warmth. As years pass by, it gives me the impression that I am making less decisions that dictates his development; unsupervised, he makes his only decisions on certain issues in his daily life. For instance, different activities that he used to participate in based on my decisions, he now takes part in them without my intervention; similarly, he has decided to take on new activities which interest him the most. Along with ever increasing interest in various logistics of the world around him, Enoch has changed physically, cognitively, socially, and emotionally.
Simply put, Enoch is a pretty healthy teenager. Doctor’s visits have been cut down only to annual physical check-ups. Compared to his health conditions during his early years, becoming ill is rare while displaying an increase in strength and muscle maturity physically. His gross-motor skills are incomparable. As I mentioned in previous reports, he has excelled in the game of baseball. In high school, he went out to try out in the school’s baseball team; due to this courage and…

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