The Process For Learning Language Essay

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Language is a system of arbitrary vocal or signed symbols used for human communication. It is the essential part of how people share information. Children grow up leaning language by imitation and largely without instruction. Children’s developing language comes naturally, but even more so by hypothesis testing. The process for learning language is different for adults. Second language acquisition development is more difficult and unlike child language acquisition. The two processes have similarities like, the development happens in stages. They also have many differences and limitations. The term language acquisition refers to the gradual development of ability in a language by using it naturally in communicative situations. First-language acquisition is a universal process regardless of the language and there are stages to the development process. When a child is young and chattering, it is hard to believe that they were born without language. When infants are two to three months old they begin cooing and at six months they start babbling. This is called the pre-language stage. At this stage, it would be unlikely to tell what language the baby is learning. The next stage is called one-word. At this point, the baby is around one year. In this stage, the baby begins to utter sounds, like ‘ma’ for mom. At 18-20 months the baby is in the two-word stage. In this stage the sentences are direct and short like, ‘want food’ or ‘go play’. When the child reaches age two to three it…

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