The Procedural Republic and the Unencumbered Self Essay examples

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Michael Sandel starts off “The Procedural Republic and the Unencumbered Self” by stating that philosophy is unavoidable and has existed from the beginning of humanity. He states, “To engage in a political practice is already to stand in relation to theory. For all our uncertainties about ultimate questions of political philosophy­ of justice and value and the nature of the good life­ the one thing we know is that we live some answer all the time” (Sandel 81). He then states his thesis for his work where he will explore philosophy in contemporary America and explore the theory that affirms the plurality of answers in philosophy in contrast to the theory of one single answer.
In Sandel’s first section “The Right and
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We should therefore reverse the relation between the right and the good…”. Sandel explains how no individual can be transcended above the law.
He also discusses the fact that in the liberal vision we are free to make laws that gives us freedoms that are unconstrained by an order of value antecedently given, but then we must follow these laws. What is most important in the liberal vision is not what we choose, but that we have the capacity to choose it. Sandel ends this

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