The Problems Of Developing Countries Essay

1467 Words May 6th, 2016 6 Pages
Developing counties have many problems in common like food, water, education, health, housing and work. This is what often developing countries in part or in total lack to have and that’s what push away developing countries for being developed. Food is a basic need which help people grow. Drinking clean and safe water is essential of life because 80% diseases like diarrhea come from drinking dirty water. Education is another basic need for developing counties in process of grow because if there are not enough educated people in the country than who will take that poor country to the developed level. Housing, health, and work are big issues too and all that leads to an unemployment. Pakistan was established in 1947, known as a newly born country. At first it was not even on the world map. It was a part of an India and now it’s been 68 years of so-called independence but yet Pakistan is not free. Since Pakistan came into being, it’s been going through really hard times, sometimes it has gone through sacrifices and sometimes became a victim of political system. Thus, many social, economic, and political corrupt people have wounded the roots of this country. Pakistan may have a new territory but still haven’t stood up on its own. Pakistan is also known as one of the developing counties too. Every citizen of an independent country has a right over basic necessities of life but unfortunately, the people of Pakistan doesn’t own these rights because Pakistan…

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