Essay on The Problems Facing Contemporary Minority Groups

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In the U.S criminal justice system, most Americans are unaware of the reality of inequalities minorities face during sentencing. People have colorblind ideologies in which they assume race is no longer a major factor in the criminal justice realm. “The most serious problems facing contemporary minority groups are structural and institutional” (Healey 2012:466). The pseudo environment in peoples minds paints a perfect world of what they believe is equal treatment and punishment, but in the environment, or better known as the real world, racial inequalities and disparities are achingly present in the forms of prison sentencing and capital punishment policies. The capital punishment policy, or better known as the death penalty, is the policy punishment by death in the U.S. Since 1976, over 1,414 criminals have been executed in the U.S alone. While the year 1999 holds the U.S record for the most criminals executed in a single year (DPIC 2015), eventually numbers will continuously increase considering capital punishment policies are not equally affective. In particular, capital punishment influences racial inequalities for three main reasons. “The death penalty in America happens to be overwhelmingly used against the poor and minorities” (Drehle 1995: 257). Capital punishment is an inconsistent discriminatory action that mainly affects the poor, minorities, and religious communities. The actual cost of putting an individual on death row is astronomical. This process is not…

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