The Problem With Geniuses Part 1 And 2 Essay

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I believe that Gladwell wrote the problem with Geniuses Part 1 and 2, to give us an understanding of the different types of geniuses, their environments that they were raised in and how they turn out. A child can have a high IQ, go to an average school, live in a poor to middle class community and not get the nurturing that is needed to become successful. However, a child comes from a wealthy environment they may have the advantages of a good school, and parents who know where they need to go for them to become a doctor, an engineer etc. Children unless they highly motivated may not research or take classes or go to college so they can gain more education to succeed.
Gladwell’s audience is anybody who is interested in why some students fail to become successful when they have the potential. The way that Gladwell offers examples of how parents for poor and middle class neighborhoods deal with their children. The parent whose child whose interest includes singing and drama, and she doesn’t know how to cultivate and help nurture her child’s talent, maybe because she doesn’t know how or she doesn’t realize that her child is talented. A different parent from a poor neighborhood doesn’t know how to engage with the teacher at the parent teacher meeting, she seems uncomfortable and unsure of herself. These parents may have been brought up in an environment that didn’t encourage nurturing your talents or speaking to people in authority, which renders them helpless for teaching…

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