The Problem Of Stem Cells Essay example

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Stem cells
What is the probability of people who like or listen to music? A very high number I suppose. And what are the odds of them listening to the same type of music, let’s say, pop? A good amount of people still but surely less than the first. The likelihood of listening to the same pop artist? An even smaller number. What about the possibilities of having eyes, arms, legs, a body, a heart? Clearly a great number. But the same color eyes, hair, or skin? A much lesser number. The chances are greater when something is generalized, but once it has begun to narrow down, so do the chances. Stem cells for example, everyone has them in their body, and they typically perform the same functions on everyone. However, due to other factors such as genes or what each individual intake, stem cells may react differently in each person’s body, causing sickness or disease.
A stem cell is a unique multicellular organism in the body that is undifferentiated, meaning it does not have a specific job or function. Stem cells have three general properties: they are able to divide and renew themselves for long periods of time, they are unspecialized, and they may also form specialized cell types. Stem cells have the ability to duplicate, or proliferate, constantly. They’re unlike blood cells, muscle cells, or nerve cells which don’t commonly replicate. They are able to withstand long term cell renewal, meaning if they remain unspecialized they can replicate for months and even years.…

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