The Problem Of Social Inequality Essay

1327 Words Jun 6th, 2016 null Page
Social inequality can be defined as the “existence of unequal opportunities and privileges for different social groups or status in a society” (Moffitt, 2016). People are classified based on gender, race or what social class they are in. There are usually the majorities and the minorities in these classifications. For example, the female gender is the minority based on gender and the lower classes are the minority based on the social class system. Sometimes the minorities are not treated fairly and not given as many equal rights as the majorities. Today, Social inequality is currently one of the many problems Nigeria faces today. Being a Nigerian, some of these social inequalities have affected me in a major way. Firstly, being a female in Nigeria has made me a minor in the aspect of gender, and my parents being high-class citizens in Nigeria, has made a beneficial impact in my life like I was able to go to good schools, I did not have problems with the health-care system because my parents could afford to pay for my medical fees. The three points I will be addressing are as followed. Firstly, gender inequality in Nigeria has affected me as a person. Secondly, I will be going over the social stratification of class in Nigeria, and lastly, I will be comparing the class relations in first world nations with class relations in Nigeria. Gender inequality is the unequal treatment of individuals based on their gender. In some countries, women are treated as minors because of…

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