Essay on The Problem Of Single Parent Families

735 Words Mar 16th, 2015 3 Pages
Single parents are fearful when they see the statistics on children raised in single parent homes and the potential life of a crime that a child is supposedly more prone to because he/she does not have two parents in the home. High crime has sky rocketed in single family homes. It was believed in the 1980s crime sprees were caused by a number of single parent families. However, crime rates began to decrease while the percentage of single parent families continued to rise. Parents often separate due to behavioral issues on the part of both or one parent. There are several reasons which could cause separation of parents. These could include substance abuse and other addictions, violence, or unable to keep a steady job or income to name some. Also these behaviors may be due to family environment, genes or both. It is easy for society to blame single mothers for why crime has escalated. People seem to argue that most Single mothers do a terrible job in bringing up their children which they feel in the long run these children will grow up to be criminals. There are people who would blame other races besides the white people for the rise in crime in single parent families. The same racist “research” also link the color of skin and their criminal activity to single parenthood and believe it has a tendency not to have issues on how to follow the rules on how to be sociable and could result in single mothers having more children and the violent crime rate to rise. If…

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