The Repercussions Of Sin Analysis

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Chapter 1 (September 1, 2017): There are a lot of problems that are in this world, and they all stem from sin. Sin is defined “as a condition that results in behavior” (Tripp 10). We live in a sinful world, and as a result we deal with sin in a multitude of ways. People are broken, relationships are torn, and there is a lot of evil and injustice that pervades our world. In my counsel, I must remember to teach about the problem of sin instead of trying to deal with the repercussions of sin. A doctor treats the root of a patient’s problems, so too must a wise counselor deal with the issue of sin instead of trying to fix immediate problems.

Chapter 2 (September 1, 2017): Humans naturally want to live to serve ourselves. We are called to be servants
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At first what they do is innocent, yet their innocent actions quickly turn themselves into full-blown sin. A married man will rarely cheat on his wife given any opportunity, but when he slowly gives into the pressures of sin, these things happen. It is important in my own personal ministry to guard my heart at every angle. There are many pressures in this world, and the temptations are vast, but it is paramount that my own personal holiness is more important than any inappropriate communication with those near …show more content…
It is true that “a fundamental part of being spiritually blind is that you are blind to your blindness” (Tripp 279). As sinners, we often miss out on how often we sin and fall short of the perfect ideal of God. However, we must live in a state of constant dependence on God, humbled at the fact that He reaches out to us and makes us wise. As a counselor, I must remember that my wisdom comes only from God, and that everything I can offer comes from Him. I must rely constantly on the wisdom of God, not myself, with all of my

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