Pastoral Ministry Definition


The Call to Pastoral Ministry An individual must be called by God into at least one ministry office. My pastoral ministry is my “calling” by God Almighty. My pastoral ministry begins with my personal call by God, along with my theological education at the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary for preparation for pastoral ministry.
Raised in a Baptist home, my grandmother took us to Sunday worship services at St. Paul Baptist Church in Garfield, Pennsylvania. This Baptist church affirmed the altar call, which is one false doctrine in the church. Thus, the pastor had me recite the sinner’s prayer. It reads: That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart
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Then, I became a member of the Narcotics Anonymous. The Narcotics Anonymous Basic Text teaches, “Our program is a set of principles written so simply that we can follow them in our daily lives”. In fact, the spiritual principles of Narcotics Anonymous originated from Scripture.
Narcotics Anonymous members became my first “Power Greater than myself” because of their personal experience with a drug problem. Over the next years, the Lord placed a loving and wise sponsor, a deacon in his home church, in my life to educating me on applying spiritual values in my life. Through my sanctification, I grew spiritually by applying the principles in my life with the help of my sponsor. Jesus Christ became my Lord and Savior after growing spiritually through the 12 steps of Narcotics Anonymous. In 2005, I joined Mount Ararat Baptist Church, 271 Paulson Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I sat under the preaching of Revered Dr. William Curtis, one of Western Pennsylvania’s greatest
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Prepares students to write research papers for seminary courses, and to engage in effective study and writing in later ministry. Topics covered include the selection of a subject, use of library resources (including online research), outlining, writing style, punctuation, English grammar, and proper form.

• Doctrine of the Church (ST33). The nature and mission of the Church; the means of grace: the Word, sacraments, and discipline; and church officers and the structure of church government.

• Introduction to Biblical Counseling (BC11). An introduction to what Biblical counseling is, who should do it, the key elements of the process, and its application to basic problems faced in the local church. Consideration is given to alternative approaches, both secular and religious.

Through my education at the seminary, I became a Reformed Baptist. This means that affirm the great "Solas" of the Protestant Reformation based on God’s sovereignty. Now, I believe in the Doctrine of Grace, which means that God is the author of

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