The Problem Of Public Health Essay

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Public health is not a topic that can be easily defined or discussed, because of its broad nature and numerous meanings. To one-person public health may mean keeping air quality safe, but to another, it may mean how food is properly handled in restaurants. These examples are only two of countless ways the community is kept safe by the work of public health officials and policies. Although some individuals may believe public health is not important or does not directly affect them, nearly every aspect of life is made possible because of public health officials solving health issues. One recent issue that is particularly troubling is the number of newborns being born addicted to an illegal substance. This problem may not seem as important as air quality, but it is in every way. Every baby born with a drug addiction costs the state thousands of dollars, displaces the child, and indicates there is a drug problem within the community. In order to promote the health of the public, while keeping costs to the state down and allowing pregnant mothers and newborn babies the maximum amount of health benefits possible, the problem of drug-addicted mothers and babies must be addressed immediately. The problem then becomes how to address the drug addiction. One possible plan to attack this issue is to drug test the mother, and offer her some sort of rehab treatment. The first step would be establishing drug testing for expecting mothers, although a handful of citizens will deem this a…

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