The Problem Of Poverty And Poverty Essay

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With no room to breathe and no room to sleep, the post-flood work team crams themselves into the motel room. There are 80 of them in total but 67 of their companions are scattered about the motel, struggling in the same attempt to find rest. They suppose they should be grateful for the shelter and the work, after all it is not as if they had a choice. Work is work and the conditions are just a distraction from the meager price that will be paid to them. One man wonders if the scant payment will be worth the time. He lies under a bus, ordered to sleep. A woman utters a cry. Her heart is strained from the physical and emotional stress of the work. Her payments will be partitioned among the others. (Basu) Unknown to the public are the overlooked causes of poverty, such as blame, as well as the unfamiliar principle of poverty itself, what it entails, and it’s few solutions. The proposition that politicians and government workers lower their salaries could very well be the solution to our countries poverty problem. According to, a well-renowned dictionary website, anyone with insufficient funds, goods, or means of support is considered impoverished. “The men, women, and children caught in these traps of poverty- whether made homeless by economic collapse or rendered bankrupt by medical bills- came from all corners of America and virtually all walks of life” (Abramsky 61). The majorities of people suffering the consequences of poverty are from…

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