The Problem Of Juvenile Sexual Abuse Essay

1281 Words Apr 5th, 2016 null Page
treatment they receive is what they deserve. Therefore, they do as they are told and ask for nothing in return. As time goes on, Nadege and her sister encountered more than a child their age should ever have to experience even once they moved in with their biological father and step-mother; life gave them another hurdle to jump. My heart ached for them more than once while reading Nadege 's story and in disbelief I became very angry as I read about the abuse they encountered from their step-mother. Studies indicate that more than 90% of juvenile sexual abuse victims know their perpetrator in some way. In their case - this was so true. As their step-mother allowed a house border (her secret lover) to sexually abuse her own step-children. I 'm sadden to think that their own biological father knew about this abuse, but yet never stood up to protect them. Even in the end of his life, these girls were there for him without regret. I do not know if I could have done that without feeling some form of anger towards him. These two young ladies struggled to survive in more ways than one, the abuse at home, the separation anxiety they felt from leaving their mother and family members behind in Haiti, and the bullying that they experienced in the public school system. One thing after another that made moving to America seem like a mistake, but they continued to have "hope that it would all get better"; The Price of Hope that they paid to survive. I 'm uncertain how I…

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