The Problem Of First World Problems Essay

1463 Words Apr 14th, 2016 6 Pages
Society today, is plagued by the notion of first world problems. While some people argue that these problems may or may not exist, many others say that the actual terms “first world country” and “third world country” seek to further divide the world by dehumanizing those who live in under-developed countries. Although made into comical memes and vines, actual “first world problems” are not the comical relief that only over indulged people in well developed countries endure. This paper will argue that the perceived problems people think of when they hear first world problems, are not immediate issues to their wellbeing. You will see actual examples of first world problem that are qualified to be considered a problem and the stigmatization people third world countries face by simply residing in a “third world country”. Where did these terms originate from? Should initiative be taken to change these outdated terms? Why do first world problems only depict trivial matters? Are we making society worse by the portrayal of people in developing countries with the term “third world country”? To better understand what a first world problem is, we must first understand where the terms originated from and how it evolved into its meaning today. After World War II, the world had split into east and west, thus marking the beginning of the cold war. It is unclear where exactly the term originated from, but it is likely the term was coined in the U.S. given the meaning of a first world…

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