The Problem Of Fighting Youth Crime Essay

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Fighting Youth Crime Youth crime is an increasing problem, not only in the US, but also in other parts of the world. According to Juvenile Crime: How bad is it?, “There is a growing feeling in this country that juvenile crime is getting worse, that it is more violent and more deadly than ever before” (Smith 10). The issue of youth crime affects the population as a whole in many different areas and, therefore, needs some solutions. There are many sources from which temptation to commit crimes derive from and they are all varying. Though many of these may not be simple to fix directly, other actions can be take to veer youth from involving themselves in situations possibly leading to them committing a crime. There are many different contributions to the increasing crime rate in youth. According to an article, “Family problems, morals, poor academic achievement, poverty and television also contribute” (“Drug Abuse”). Young adults are not yet mature and may be easily influenced. Their desire to conform with friends and classmates and the environment that they are in, in many cases, leads to these adolescents committing crimes. Many young adults are not privileged enough to grow up in a nice neighborhood or have positive role models in their lives so they fall victim to their community. An increase in youth committing crime with then lead to an increase in funds going toward the juvenile justice system. A solution to reduce the high youth crime rate is to create after-school…

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