The Problem Of Environmental Pollution Essay

1480 Words Dec 7th, 2016 6 Pages
Environmental pollution without a doubt is a problem we face in the 21st century. We have come up with treaties and pacts with other nations to combat the problems environmental pollution lays upon us as well as devoted substantial resources to lessen and reverse damage caused by pollution. Logically speaking it would seem as environmental pollution would cause a problem within the outlook of the functionalist perspective that Durkheim stood behind, but would it really? The thing about the functionalist perspective is that negative things are sometimes necessary to preserve a functional society. War for example though devastating, serves a function; to unite a nation, to lower the population, etc.… So, would environmental pollution strictly speaking be a threat to functionalism?

The division of labor and industry are vital to a functional society that Durkheim envisioned. In a society that relies on industry, factories are crucial. Low and behold factories are a major source of pollution. This becomes a much bigger issue when asking if pollution is functional or not. On the one hand, obviously, pollution is a detriment to societies natural environment and the health of the people. Yet at the same time the factories that cause this pollution are seemingly a crucial part of the industrial society and the pollution it causes. This brings up the question; is environmental pollution too great a cost in exchange for industrial complex, or is the industrial machine of too much…

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