The Problem Of Down Syndrome Essay

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Although Down Syndrome is caused simply by the addition of an extra chromosome, the affects the disorder can have on the body can ultimately be life threatening and essentially fatal. The range of the variation of the effects of the condition is very complex: varying in the severity. In most cases of Down Syndrome, individuals suffer from lower IQ levels and have a tendency to talk slower than others are able to (CDC, 2011). All Down Syndrome patients suffer from the physical deformities of the disease such as having a short stature, slanting eyes, small ears, and even excess skin at the nape of the individual’s neck (NDSS, 2012). People who possess Down Syndrome deal with the syndrome’s effect on their personality, motor functions, attention span, language, behavior, and even intellect and memory. However, Down Syndrome can arise severe medical conditions that put those affected at risk for childhood leukemia, heart defects, Alzheimer 's disease, and hearing and respiratory problems. (Genetics Home Reference, 2008; Roizen, 2003; Teipel, 2003)
In nearly all occurrences of Down Syndrome, scientists have found that Down Syndrome is not inherited. As a result, this means that the syndrome is a random event that takes place during cell division, rather than there being genes for the condition on a chromosome that can be passed on from one generation to the next. One might would think that this would cause the disorder to not be common; however, approximately 6,000 babies are…

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