The Problem Of Criminal Tv Essay

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One of the biggest tropes on criminal TV shows like CSI or Law and Order is having an officer tell a suspect “you have the right to remain silent, everything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law...” This reading is called a Miranda warning, a verbal acknowledgement of the arrested person’s rights, which is protected under the Fifth Amendment’s right to refuse to answer incriminating questions. Some people may be mistaken in thinking that if the police do not read the suspect’s rights, the suspect can’t be charged for the crime, or that the suspect has no right to be silent, but this is not true.The Miranda Warning is a constitutional law to have a person’s rights read to them, otherwise the police waive any and all information the suspect tells them. (Miranda Rights: What Happens, 2011) Meaning, any confession or self-incriminating information a suspect gives to a police officer can not be used in a court of law without the suspects understanding of his rights to silence and an attorney. The Miranda warning is considered to be one of the most important decision in the history of the U.S. legal system, allowing an accused suspect to understand their rights while being detained.
The Miranda v. Arizona (1966) case sparked controversy after Ernesto Miranda, an Arizona man who had dropped out of high school and had a history of criminal mental instability, was profiled by a witness and charged with the kidnapping and molestation of a 18 year old girl…

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