The Problem Of Autism Spectrum Disorder Essay examples

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A Corporeal Anarchy Experts have found that having autism is comparable to being absent from one’s own body, to be trapped inside of a mechanism that cannot be controlled. Autism is defined as a lifelong neurodevelopment disorder that is almost always diagnosed in the early years of a child’s life. This disorder is characterized by lack of emotional expression, exertion with social relationships, delay with communication, abnormal language, and stereotyped behaviors or interests. Research indicates that despite the symptoms of Autism being identified and treatments being available, there is no cure for this brain incapacitating disorder. Autism Spectrum Disorder is one of the fastest growing developmental disorders across the globe. This disorder impacts around one percent of the population for countries, such as North America, Asia, and Europe, but in Korea 2.6% of the population are impacted by this disorder. Research shows that boys are four times more likely to end up with ASD over girls and that one in every 68 children will be diagnosed with ASD (CDC, 2014).
Studies have shown that Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is best theorized as a biologically determined set of behaviors that occurs with erratic staging and severity, which is likely the result of the cause. While it is estimated that one in four children will develop ASD, it has been found to be more common in boys. To qualify for the proper diagnosis of Autism, a child must present two symptoms from the first…

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