The Problem Of Anarchic System Essay

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1. Introduction
The issue of anarchic system in international politics is a crucial motive to define the interstates relationship between major theories of international relations. That is, there are diverse theoretical approaches to explicate how actors with a dilemma will behave or react between confrontation and cooperation in the decentralised world, thus understanding major theories such as realism and liberalism would be helpful to size up all possibilities of theoretical alternative in order to surpass anarchy in international politics. The concept of anarchic system, however, should be also examined in underlying perspective for international society prior to understanding the theoretical frames, because the essence of anarchy in the world political system is considered to be contradictory to hierarchy in domestic politics which has legal institutions and authority to defend a state’s own legitimacy with sovereignty and non-intervention. Examining its essence with hegemony could be critical to estimate the possibilities that transcend the anarchic system in world politics, though this work will be of course not straightforward to detect an alternative which could replace it.
To solve this big question, I will mainly borrow the concept of ‘hierarchy in anarchy’ which is a counterargument to Waltz’s structural realism, and it is a possible approach to transcend anarchic system. It argued that a binary thinking regarding anarchy and hierarchy would be not helpful to…

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